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What Being A NICU Parent Has Taught Me: Let Go and Let God

Probably one of the toughest but most rewarding lessons I learned from being a NICU Parent was to let go and trust in others. I learned to let go and trust in others- but most of all, to trust in God. One of the hardest things to understand about being a preemie mom is that I wasn’t capable of keeping my premature baby alive. I was so proud of myself for being able to keep my daughter inside me for eight weeks of inpatient bed rest at the hospital. I thought since I was able to do that, I could for sure do everything possible to keep her alive outside the womb.. I quickly realized that I couldn’t so I had to trust in those who could.

Leaving Charlotte every night physically hurt my body. It is not natural to have to leave your baby every night. We were fortunate to have such wonderful nurses. One nurse told me when she arrived on the night shift that she was super excited to get to cuddle with our baby girl. I wanted the nurses to treat our daughter as their own. I had to learn to trust that even though every day seemed long and uncertain, God had the plans already written out.

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