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What Being A NICU Parent Taught Me: Every One of Us Is Going Through Hell

One thing all NICU parents have in common: we are all going through HELL. I saw a lot of other parents in passing.  I saw poor women being wheeled in right after giving birth or having a c section with red puffy eyes. I was one of those parents on my first day too. Red puffy eyes became my new normal. You can never understand what it’s like for a parent until you have been there.  Of course, every family’s story is different and everyone is dealing with varying levels of hell. We were actually very fortunate that our daughter was there mostly for monitoring and growing. Our hell was just seeing her poked, having to leave her behind every night and trying to come to terms with the fact that our daughter’s journey was going to take a bit of time in the beginning. Other families were watching their baby fight for every breath and just praying their child lives another day. Every family was going through hell no matter what their child was fighting

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